Omaha and UNO from the sky

I love having an aviation department here at UNO. First off, they guys are all really awesome and are always up to having me take photos.  I've been out to the airport while they practiced flying and they got me up in the air to get updated aerials without hesitation. As I learned long ago with photography, it never hurts to ask. More often than not you will be told yes. They even made sure we flew a plane with a window that opened so I could lean out!


Hockey is the big sport here at UNO and I'll to have to put in some extra hours practicing shooting before I can get anything worth using. Mizzou didn't have a hockey team so I never got the hang of it. For now, features will do!

Concert in the corn

I was assigned to shoot the Harvest the Hope concert outside Neligh, NE in opposition of the Keystone XL pipeline a couple weeks ago and got my first dose of Nebraska cornfields. The parking, stage and beer garden for the concert, featuring Willie Nelson and Neil Young, all took place in a plowed corn field on a private farm. The Cowboy/Indian Alliance that opposed the pipeline set-up teepees and made for some interesting scenes.

Here are some images from other assignments i've had in Omaha and out near Neligh.