Jaipur, Day 1

India, I can’t really believe I’m actually here. Every summer professors from almost every department go on research and partnership building trips around the world. The Director of International Programs is here lecturing and working with partner universities to establish new programs and I’m here to see what goes into that process (and lead a photography workshop in Vishakhpatnam). The planning of this trip alone has been full of twists and turns and very unexpectedly we are down a vital person.

Our plan is to spend time over two weeks at four different universities around the country with our first stop in Jaipur. Our plane landed in Delhi at 1:30am, twenty-one hours after leaving Omaha, and we immediately got in a car and drove the five hours it took to get to Jaipur. To battle the jet lag we hopped back in a van and explored the city during the day and I got to test my rusty skills at haggling in the markets before crashing immediately after dinner. Our hosts at Gyan Vihar University have been amazingly gracious letting us stay in their guest house, making home-made meals and bringing fresh tea to our rooms.

India is an amazing country and after the first full night of sleep I’ve had a chance to walk around the campus and meet with more students and professors. I can’t wait to explore the other universities and get to talk with people from all over the country.

Eight Days in Iceland

Just got back back from Iceland, one of the most amazing places I've ever been. We spent eight days driving and exploring the Island, stopping whenever we wanted and staying with some wonderful locals with horse farms and gardens.

Homeschooling in the Military

From a recent assignment on homeschooling in the military for Education Week.