Last days in India

I'm back home and feeling back to normal after having slept for the last three days. Our final two days in India were in Delhi getting a taste of what the big city is like. We met more amazing people and I was lucky enough to spend time talking to the Maharaja of Orchha about his time in the US in the 1940's at a dinner party, something I will not forget. This trip was only a taste of what India is like and hopefully someday I'll get back there to explore more.

Exploring Vishakapatnam

Vishakapatnam is a beautiful city on the Eastern coast of India and I spent the morning preparing for my photography workshop tomorrow then walked around the neighborhood before my next meeting. After stumbling upon a movie filming in progress and families vacationing to the beach in the morning we walked around Old Vishakapatnam after joining in on a game of soccer and cricket.

Bollywood filming in the neighborhood.

Watching the waves come in.

Fisherman's village.

Watching the cricket game.

Exploring old Vishakapatnam.

Grinding spices.

Exploring old Vishakapatnam.

Evening Drive along the Beach Road

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) is a partner university of UNO that sends students to Omaha to study in the MBA program for a year. Visiting these school allows for a chance to lecture to local students and deepen the partnerships in India. Tonight, after a full day of meetings and lectures, we hopped in a taxi and told the driver to take us to a local seafood place with a view and he did not disappoint.